Dieselgate Volkswagen – The German Court: “No compensation for purchases after the autumn 2015”

The Volkswagen will not pay any compensation to anyone who has bought a diesel car after the outbreak of the scandal on the emissions in the fall of 2015: to find out, it was the federal Court of justice (the last instance in the system of ordinary jurisdiction in Germany), having passed a judgement in proceedings related to the dieselgate. The judges have expressed in rejecting the appeal of a client who had purchased a car diesel of the German manufacturer in August of 2016. The story has been made known by the German agency Dpa.

The reasons for this. With this pronouncement, the court has decreed a previous for about 10 thousand similar cases are still open against the Volkswagen. The Court justified the decision by explaining that, from the moment in which the dieselgate came to light in then, the group has changed their behaviour, and the phenomenon has been made known publicly from the House; therefore, in this circumstance, the customer can not prove that you have been deceived.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.