F1 british GP: Sergio Perez in isolation waiting for a second buffer

The Racing Point leaps to the forefront of the news for Silverstone, but for a reason far from pleasant. Sergio Perez is currently in self-isolation after a first buffer which has been subjected to verify the positivity of the COVID-19 gave an uncertain outcome. Perez did not attend the traditional press conference of the pilots of the Thursday, waiting to receive the results of a second test: to confirm it was the same Racing Point on Twitter. The question will arise spontaneously to many: if Perez proves to be positive, the weekend of the race would be at risk? The answer is no: as specified time does Ross Brawn, the show will go on even without one of its stars.

And then, there is a second question: who would replace Sergio Perez? The Racing Point does not have a pilot reserve officer, but has at its disposal the test driver of the Mercedes, which provides the power unit. Same deal with McLaren, which from next year sfutterà the engine of the home in Stuttgart; the Racing Point, however, would still have the priority in case of need on the part of both teams. This is in virtue of the relationship of most a long time with the Mercedes. The two running to replace Perez, therefore, are Esteban Gutierrez and Stoffel Vandoorne. The belgian, however, the next week will be busy with the Formula And Berlin: it might so materialize a relay between the mexican.