GMC Hummer – New teaser of the pickup’s electric – VIDEO

General Motors continues to keep alive the interest for the GMC Hummer, the pickup electrical, which will be unveiled later in the year and then debut on the market in 2021. After having shown the front, and a portion of the interior, this time the preview is much wider than that, because it shows the body and the dummies style, giving an overview of the vehicle.

The body without veils. The lines are massive and squared-off as you would expect from a vehicle of the Hummer and you can see clearly setting the roof with the central beam of the reinforcement, which has allowed us to create removable elements to provide an experience of driving in the open air. The proportions are almost symmetrical because of the cockpit and central to four ports are matched on the front and the tail very high and squared off. This could lead to a rear-compartment is not particularly long compared to other competitors, but the rest appears as a quotation of the Hummer H1 that has also made a military career in the past. At the end of the clip, the Hummer is also shown with a different profile: in this case, are clearly visible in both the spare wheel external cover of the rear compartment. We do not know if the GMC want to propose two variants of bodywork, or if this different configuration is provided as an accessory.

Driving mode and adas. The GM will present the pick-up in the autumn, when they will open bookings, while the first deliveries are expected about a year away. You already know some of the technical characteristics: 1000 HP, and about 3 seconds to touch 100 km/h from a standstill, but given the relative autonomy of the state is not yet unveiled. In the teaser video are also mentioned new features, without, however, explain the details: there is talk of Andrenalin and Grab Mode, the SuperCruise of the new generation of Ultra-Vision Camera, anticipating the presence of driving modes, diversified according to the terrain and the use of Adas of the latest generation.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.