Lamborghini Essence SCV12: born for the track

ONLY FOR THE TRACK – The Lamborghini Essence SCV12 is an hypercar approved only for use on the track that will be produced in 40 copies. It was designed by the Lamborghini Racing Team and designed by the Centro stile of the house of the raging Bull. To push it we find the V12 naturally aspirated, which delivers 830 HP (the most powerful ever made from the house) coupled with a 6-speed gearbox, X-trac, positioned transversely on the rear end and coupled to the rear wheel drive. The weight/power ratio, also thanks to the brand new monocoque frame in carbon fibre, is of 1.66 kg/HP.

INSIDE AND OUTSIDE – As the Lamborghini Essence SCV12 a car born for the track, the engineers have dedicated great attention to the aerodynamics; standing in when declared by the house, the SCV12 ensures a level of efficiency and downforce greater than that of a vehicle of category M3, with a value of 1,200 kg to 250 km/h. To ensure dynamic performance at the top and stability on the toughest tracks, were adopted rear suspension type push-rod fixed directly on the gearbox, and the specific Pirelli racing slick tyres, mounted on magnesium rims 19 inch front and 20-inch at the rear. Inside the Lamborghini Essence SCV12 we find a plank which is supported by the Y-asymmetric carbon, bearing element, and style that frames the instruments, and the steering wheel is multifunctional with a form that is inspired by the steering wheels of the F1 car. The seat, specifically the OMP, is homologated by the FIA and has a carbon body.

AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB – THE lucky customers of the Lamborghini Essence SCV12 will become part of a club that will give you access to driving programs to drive the own hypercar in all the most famous circuits in the world. The program includes a service brake in a new hangar built at Sant’agata Bolognese for the club Essence SCV12. Each car will have a box customized and dedicated services, including a webcam to allow the customer to check 24 hours a day in the car via the app. The structure is completed by the “Lamborghini Racing Team Drivers Lab has been developed in collaboration with the Italian company, Tecnobody, to offer programs of athletic training. The schedule on track is to begin in 2021 with events on circuits with an FIA homologation Grade 1. Every client can count on the assistance of the technical staff Racing Team with the support of Emanuele Pirro, five times winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Marco Mapelli, Factory Driver Lamborghini Racing Team.