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A holiday at the time of the coronavirus, the full point on the scrappage scheme and the two cases to be missed: the impressive Q Tests Suv & Crossover, with 300 pages of test made in Vairano, and the topical Q Hybrid, entirely dedicated to the powertrain of the time, mild, full and plug-in. And then a step farther, to the electrical, to offer you a world premiere: the vis-à-vis the New Fiat 500 in the movement, passed to the microscope on the track-air of the Ingot. Quattroruote-August, already available in Digital Edition and on newsstands from Friday, 31 July, shows a thick load of new and exclusive content. As the scoop of Carlo Cavicchi on why, in 1991, Ayrton Senna went to Ferrari.

Then, curious to read the details of what awaits you? Discover them below.

The New Fiat 500. The bet electric brand moves for the first time in a context of exceptional historical importance, the banked track of the Lingotto. And it is precisely in Turin, the exclusive perQuattroruote, that the small battery has been studied and immortalized, along with the model of 1957. If the latter has in fact marked an era, powering the Italy, the 500 has the ambition to give the “the” to an Italy that is sustainable. Strong of a new platform and a solution technique, space-saving batteries, the Fiat zero emissions is ready to move in the direction of this undertaking with the same acceleration with which you slingshot towards the parabolica. Olivier François, global head of brand, explains why the group, FCA believes and has decided to use for this challenge, its most iconic model. You can find everything, really everything, in the cover story.

Ferrari F8 Tribute. It was not the word, more far from the spirit of the Ferrari F8 Tribute, would be to define a hybrid: it takes the engine of ruthless 488 the Track and at the cala in a chassis that has its origin instead in the 488 GTB, then less obsessed with pure performance. The result, I would say, is a 488 Trail user friendly. All this, however, turns around in his V8: the tribute is to him, to his unique character, his ability to transform the octane excitement. So pure, crisp, intimately and only connected with the idea of combustion we will never see again: the times are changing (on another floor, the hybrid SF90 Road is a prime example), it will not be an evil, and appreciate the future. But this does not mean that it closes an era. As happened with the sucked a few years ago and, before that, with the carburetors.

The Jeep Compass vs. Skoda Karoq. Jeep and Skoda are the two brands with a strong identity, that give rise to, but opposite reactions. On the one hand the american who inspires adventure and freedom, on the other, the ecsc, which generates sensations of solidity and practicality. The points of contact between these two Suvs, however, are many more than you can imagine: size, interior space, skills and road engines, with the Jeep, which now introduces the new range of turbobenzina FireFly. And in addition, now the european versions are born at Melfi, and no longer in Toluca, Mexico. There is new life and then, in this Compass, but the Karoq is not at all the less. The challenge is in tight quarters, in fact.

SsangYong Korando. The fourth generation of the Ssangyong Korando follows the path outlined by the last Rexton and grows so much in terms of quality: in fact, he began a new life. With the 1.6 turbodiesel, front-wheel drive and automatic transmission six-speed leaves you permanently behind the vocation fuoristradistica, to embrace horizons much more of the road. Without forgetting a spacious cabin, as well as for five, and a budget to do calculations (even if, unfortunately, not embeddable).

Ford Explorer. A Suv plug-in hybrid that goes as strong as a sport, and consumes almost like a city car. Science fiction? No, she really does exist: it’s called the Ford Explorer and, for the first time in his long career (they were produced for six generations), peeps in the Old Continent. Thanks to the two motors, electric and V6 turbobenzina, the power system reaches 457 HP, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h is closed in 5.8 seconds. And the distances (29.9 km/l), obtained by driving in a quiet way, so the important thing is to always recharge the battery.

Audi A5 Sportback g-tron. Drive for 100 km by spending 5 euros, but without sacrificing luxury. TheAudi A5 Sportback g-tron succeeds in an almost impossible mission: to grant savings records, from subcompact all the concrete, with the sciccherie a premium of Ingolstadt. The secret is revealed by the same acronym: already, because g-tron is a synonym for methane, a power that allows you to travel in business class with a ticket for the low cost. There is little to be going around and around: data from the evidence at hand, this four-door coupe runs 19.9 km with a kilo of natural gas, which costs less than a euro. And so the portfolios can be said to be satisfied, at least to the item consumption. Already, because we must not forget the other side of the coin, that is, the cheque of over 57,000 euros that we had to detach for access to this unusual form of savings. Which also offers performance not negligible: the two-liter turbo with 170 horsepower, mated to a gearbox double-clutch seven-speed, is in fact able to push the 1.644 kg of the car with a certain liveliness, and snap it from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds.

Q Electric. Wow. Is this the exclamation of surprise that arises when we sit for the first time at the wheel of the new Honda, the undisputed star of the insert “electrical” of this month. Five Lcd screens dominating the instrument panel and across its entire width, and create an effect that is truly spectacular. But it is not only scenography: data and information flow with great ease, so much so that just a few kilometres away and you are immediately in tune with this electric city car of the japanese, which is also lively and fun to drive. The problem, if anything, is that it does not go very far (the autonomy is of about 200 km). But recharges quickly (half an hour), and it is good, since the target of this car are not the big trips, but the urban mobility. Also in the section QElectric, the spotlights are bright on Nissan Ariya, crossover, battery whole new, BMW iX3 and Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback.

The seine and the agreement vanished with the Ferrari. In 1991, Ayrton Senna would have had to run to the Ferrari, which, however, was not to be. Why? In the last thirty years, around this story have been done many speculations, without ever arriving at a definitive truth. Quattroruote is clarity once and for all on the subject thanks to the revelations exclusive of Piero Fusaro, at the time, Ferrari president, that for the first time has agreed to tell how they went really things.

News and Investigations. Also, the August issue presents a rich section dedicated to current events and, in particular, a Special holiday. This summer, for the rest, the great majority of those who may enjoy a period of rest will staying in Italy and, above all, travelling with your own car: it was therefore important to conduct the usual investigation on the quality of motorway service areas,by paying particular attention to the precautions taken by the operators against the risk of infection from Covid-19 employees and customers. With an eye, and then, in the presence or absence of a dispenser of gel and reports on the correct position to hold for the distancing, use of masks and visors from the part of the workers and the installation of barriers of plexiglass to the counters of the bar. We have visited 101, the area of the motorway A1 Milano-Napoli and A14 Bologna-Bari and the A16 Napoli-Bari, but the results were not encouraging, with 37.6% of the areas is insufficient from the point of view of protection against the coronavirus, while 38.6% have only achieved or a little more. The theme of the rest areas does not, however, end the chapter of the in the News: the holiday Special is also involved in the disastrous situation of our highways, from Liguria to the adriatic, from the junction of Florence to the arteries of abruzzo, dotted with construction sites that are required to remedy serious structural problems. This engages the analysis of the financial aspects of the agreement reached between the government and the shareholders for the transfer of the control of Autostrade per l’italia in the hands of the public. Finally, a discussion is dedicated to the new incentives launched by the government to encourage the modernization of the fleet through the scrapping of your car with at least 10 years of age: a measure that was born lame, with a budget totally inadequate that hopefully can be integrated through a new decree.

Previews and Autonotizie. BMW has prepared the internal revolutionary for the next 2-Series Active Tourer, with a wide-screen display that reminds the one of the system Mbux of the Mercedes. It seems that its introduction will coincide with the disappearance of the knob of the iDrive, authentic totem for the “biemmevuisti” we’ll tell You about this turning point in the digital in the service signed by Andrea Stassano. But the interior and the digitalization are the protagonists of the Autonotizie, where Fabio Sciarra explains the background to a delicate phase for the auto industry in the German grappling with the problems of software development which must govern the flows of energy, electric car, and the artificial intelligence of the future car is an autonomous or semi-autonomous. And yet, we speak of the first Maserati-powered mixed, the Ghibli Hybrid, and several restyling.

Quattroruote + dossier Q Hybrid. Mild, full, plug-in: a new dossier of 96 pages, in gift with the new number, we make the point about the universe more and more wide of the cars at double the power. As usual, inside you’ll find insights, a comparison on fuel consumption in the city of four Toyota and two Lexus (as anticipated from the above video), the on-road test of the BMW 330e, the Skoda Superb Wagon iV, the Suzuki S-Cross and all the new things that will come in the list in the coming months.

Quattroruote + dossier Q Tests Suv & Crossover. The test Cars are back on sale with the dossier Q Tests Suv & Crossover, a volume entirely dedicated to the models wheels passed from Vairano in the last few months, between August 2019 and July 2020. We talk about almost 300 pages with a selection of 27 Tests on the road, two special challenges (Club the Three seconds dedicated to the most popular models, performance, and the maxi-comparison between 13 B-Suv), and a comprehensive overview of what is new coming up: in short, everything you need for a complete look at the segment in growth over the last few years. The dossier Q Tests Suv & Crossover is available with four-wheel 2 euros more and it is also offered in a Digital Edition on the inside of the laminator, in the section Special, at a price of 1.99 euros for buyers of single-copy and free of charge for subscribers to the Digital Edition.

Quattroruote + Youngtimer. In the summer issue of modern classic, available with Wheels to 1.50 euros more, the protagonists could be the four discoveries: Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 16V TS (series 916), Audi TT 1.8 20V Roadster, BMW Z3 1.9 8V and the Mazda MX-5 (NB Series).

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