Segways – The M5S asks the helmet is mandatory even for the adults

From the parliament a request comes in for “more stringent standards and more stringent rules” for the use of segways, the hoverboard, and other means for individual mobility. The senator of the 5 Star Movement, Fabrizio Ortis, in particular, has proposed to amend the regulations governing the movement, introduced in the Code of the road with the Budget law 2020: among the corrective measures suggested there is also the extension of the obligation of the helmet for drivers of age of these vehicles. A position that we Quattroruote we have always maintained, even for bicycles, which the segways are currently treated as equivalent from the point of view of the Code.

Fines and more stringent. The segways, we have to remember that they can be guided by more than 14 years on urban roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h (without exceeding 25 km/h) and on the main roads, but only on those equipped with a cycle track, and always without exceeding the speed of 25 km/h. The helmet, however, is mandatory only for those under 18 years of age. The proposal grillina, of which Italy is the first signatory, also provides that “to be doubled the penalties from failing to comply with the law” on the helmet (at the time the fine is € 50), and the other already laid out by article 75-c of the Budget law.

Multiplied by the incentive. To rekindle the debate on the rules of the so-called micromobilità were the recent events in the news. “From the beginning of the year – he reminded the senator of M5S – have been recorded more than twenty of the incidents that have seen the involvement of segways”. The new means for individual mobility are more and more popular also thanks to the boost in sales generated by the Bonus Mobility. However, not all users, especially minors, they seem to have the knowledge in the field of road safety education and awareness of the risks required to move in yet. “Drivers think they can drive as if you had your hands on a toy: the need for controls on the part of the police on the road that do not happen serious accidents. For this, he concluded, “Ortis – be able to locate more stringent rules to apply, will certainly serve to increase the road safety”.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.