Suzuki Swift Hybrid – The steering wheel of the versions refurbished Top and Sport

The second generation of the Swift Hybrid is felt with the electrons in the Sport version, and complete the transition to the hybrid of the range is currently marketed in Europe.

Transplants of the heart. The renewal of the family, Swift and involve only marginally the appearance and presentation of the car. The real update is for engines, still a 1.2 naturally aspirated and a 1.4 supercharged engine, but with little in common compared to their predecessors. In fact, the engines have been designed to tune the electrical supply to the 12V of the Swift Hybrid, which can be made more efficient from a battery to a 10 Ah instead of 3, and with the 48V with which he works, the group engine electrical-starter-generator 13.6 HP and 53 Nm of torque, the new Sport. Both units are less powerful, but have different pairs, available before and longer. L’1.2 electrified debuted recently with the new Ignis, while the 1.4 pushes the Suv S-Cross and Vitara. Not only that, recently, the engine has enabled the Swift Sport R1 to be the first hybrid in the world to try their hand in the rally.

At the wheel of the Sport Hybrid. Relying on the power, which went from 140 to 129 HP, and the torque, which grows only 5 Nm (230 to 235), although with a peak at 2,000 and not at 2,500 rpm, the metamorphosis, which brings the Swift Sport in the era of electrification rewards the intuitive usability in every situation. In fact, the 1.4 turbo is expressed without hesitation and corposamente from low revs thanks to the help of the electric, optimizing the fluidity of the supply and keeping it constant up to just over 5,000 rpm for the offer, if necessary, pushed decided. Without unleashing a shock of adrenaline, the powertrain responds promptly to the solicitations of the accelerator and, in the shoot, exempts from resorting to the pleasant six-speed gearbox, inherited from the Swift Sport the previous. The metamorphosis technology is encroaching on the mass of this Swift just over 1,000 kg, keeping it in the category of featherweight. Even with the mild hybrid, the verve of the Sport is still appreciable (the maximum speed for, among other things, it is always of 210 km/h); at the same time, the hybrid module allows for an increase in the distances the medium declared, 17.8 to 21.3 km/l, with emissions of 106 g/km. The smooth power delivery of the engine, then, it also optimizes the traction in the succession of curves close to each other, making more effective the behavior of the new Sport.

How’s the new Hybrid Top. The renewed Swift Hybrid, more quiet, reflects the character of the version of the outgoing, riproponendone the reliability and agility. Basically, the car goes even better with the new hybrid engine, which develops 83 HP (instead of 90) and 107 Nm of torque (instead of 120, however, to 2,800, and not at 4,000 rpm). The interaction between the numbers of the new powertrain is reflected positively on the performance, both on the runs. In fact, the first meets with the linearity of the responses and the appreciable liveliness in all circumstances, both when you must push the version with front wheel drive or four-wheel drive, both when they interface with the new continuously variable transmission (with paddles on the steering wheel) or with the five-speed manual gearbox. The electric drive, at low revs, it generates accelerations and shooting more ready and fluid. Chapter consumption: the teamwork among all the units of new powertrain brings a dowry to the Swift two-wheel drive mileage average declared of 25.8 km/l and emissions of 88 g/km of CO2, without affecting the maximum speed, which is always of 175 km/h.

Well equipped and promotion. The renovated Swift offer a budget that includes many Adas, headlights full Led and everything that concerns the comfort, connectivity and navigation, regardless of the set-up. For the Swift Hybrid is expected Cool and the Top, the only one available for the versions with the gearbox change continue and AllGrip. This strand is offered at prices ranging from 17.290 to 20.090 euro, but in this period, the incentives, and the unconditional discount the Suzuki they are reduced to 4,500 euros. The facility also covers the Sport Hybrid, where the price list starts from 23.850 euro.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.