The exodus of the summer: this year will be better?

The consequences of the pandemic will also reflect on the mobility of the summer of the italians: these days, better years, it would have been all a the chase alerts on the roads and highways congested and blocked, and days marked by a flurry of stickers black and red, that 2020 is approaching on the reverse as very quiet. with a single critical on the horizon.

There is at the moment only one date from dodge, that of Saturday, the 8th of August, the day of maximum alert for the traffic especially on the highway network.

But it is the only negative peak, so far, is reported by the traffic Police and the Società Autostrade, a sign that there will be many to travel in what is considered by many to be the holy period for the holidays.

This year, in fact, it will be different, and only the second Saturday of August is likely to become a way of the cross, the approach of the holiday resort, especially marine.

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Other days difficult to mark on the calendar are those of the first week-end of August, the days are at the moment identified by the red and yellow, which respectively indicate the traffic conditions in the critical and intense, with greater danger of coming in queues and hold ups during the entire day of Saturday, while on Sunday the situation should rapidly evolve towards normality.

To surprise us, however, are the forecast for the days is usually the highlight of the summer, on horseback of August: well, even if they are possible upgrades and changes, when the week-end the central of the month is indicated by calm (almost) flat, with the possible beginning even of the controesodo, day a bit earlier than usual.

Highways and traffic Police, in fact, indicate morning and afternoon of Sunday 16 August with a sticker of red in the direction of the big cities, while on Saturday, 15 is distinguished from the yellow in the morning around the resorts and in the afternoon in the opposite direction, towards the city.

A dynamic also confirmed for the weekend of 22 and 23 August, with red on Saturday morning and afternoon in the direction of the great city, while on Sunday, the traffic, the worst will be concentrated in the afternoon (red).

On the weekend of the end of the month, finally, is reported as being quite quiet, with a yellow label on both Saturday 29 and Sunday 30.

Before you travel, and however, during the path, it is always advisable to consult one of the several apps that real-time information on traffic on the national network of roads and highways, noting any critical issues and allowing you to avoid being queued.