Toyota – With the policy Wehybrid the miles in electric are free

With the launch of the new Yaris Hybrid, Toyota has introduced an insurance kilometer specially designed for its cars electrified. Wehybrid Insurance offers a coverage of the RCA in which the prize depends only from the routes with the heat engine turned on: in essence, the cost per kilometer, which amounts to 4 cents of a euro (and salt 5 if it matches the coverage the Policy is not applied when you are traveling in electric.

The discount on the coupons. In this formula, the premium is not paid in advance but calculated on a monthly basis, just based on the amount of road that is made with zero emissions. The more you take advantage of the hybrid, then, the more you save. And the same philosophy has been applied by Toyota as well as to maintenance through Wehybrid Service: in the face of a mileage of 50% in electric mode in a given period, is offered a discount depending on the maintenance from the first cut; the reduction of the price increases further in the case where the percentage in EV mode exceeds 60%.

The situation is under control. Anyone who drives a Yaris Hybrid can calculate the number of miles travelled in electric through the integrated management of the data by the instrumentation and by using the Hybrid Coach, a function of the app MyT that monitors the performance of the steering wheel and advises the user how to optimize them, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.