Bulldozer against the bike and rider, no, on the contrary: bulldozer against off-road against the biker [VIDEO]

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A bulldozer at great speed, ends up in a spin, with the risk of hitting a motorcyclist stopped at the edge of the road, however, you save thanks to the arrival of a car that, on impact with the means to work it diverts the stroke. Ok, I know, it seems like the beginning of a joke is impossible, and stuff like that is also not easy to make correctly in the Italian language. But this is exactly what it shows this video. Absurd to the limit of the unreal, were it not that everything is documented. The images come from Panama (apparently also very recent since the lucky is the protagonist wears a mask), and the commentary that accompanies them says a lot: “Scenes so they make believe that there really is an angel, ready to intervene.” Without inconveniencing misticismi, however, the question is: which credit can be the rider of this video with the luck?