Cadillac Lyriq – Peep the teaser of the Suv electric

A few days after its debut, set for August 6, after an initial delay due to emergency coronavirus, the Cadillac has released a series of teaser of the Lyriq, the first Suv electric brand in the u.s.: not many remember, but the House, in the past, has already had to list a model with zero emissions, which is the little-known ELR 2013, a car derived from the Chevrolet Volt and produced in less than three thousand specimens. In that case, however, it was a vehicle with extended range with a combustion engine on board, while the Lyriq is a pure electric.

On the market in 2022. There is already a lot to say about this model and its design, a sign that Cadillac wanted to create a new language in which to face the new challenge of electrification and to find its space in the market. The car will not be available until 2022, as announced by General Motors, but its presentation is definitely a way to put into practice the global strategy that the brand intends to pursue in the near future.

The Lyriq open to a new style. The photos significant is the one related to the charging socket: on Lyriq, in fact, this is the place on the fender front left, concealed by a panel sunroof and illuminated with a strip of Led lights. The scenic effect is assured, but we do not know whether the intended another jack on the opposite side, as is the case for some German models. The profile picture instead puts emphasis on the cut from the Suv-coupe of the car, with the back tapered and aerodynamic profile of the rather evident on the tailgate. Surprise is also the front, which introduces elements completely new: the Cadillac lit up, and a series of thin lines on the bumper that follow the profile of the nose and rise up to the sides. Ultimately, the impression is that the concept presented in the 2019 is already very close to the definitive style of the model. Persists, instead, the maximum secrecy in regard to the technical features will be surely taken the batteries with proprietary technology Ultium that the GM will also use on the GMC Hummer, but the power and autonomy is not yet known.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.