F1 Wolff: “In 2019 the deficit of motor of 50 kW on the Ferrari”

“In some races last year accusavamo one disadvantage of 50 kW compared to the Ferrari”: this is Toto Wolff, in an interview with the German magazine Auto, Motor und Sport, talks of the deficit of the motor with respect to the Red in 2019. Data that have driven the Mercedes to “work on the power unit”, bearing in mind that “it is not easy to find the quadra on the relationship between downforce and power in the construction of a new single-seater”. A mission that seems to have been accomplished to perfection on W11. But, while he is happy with the grip of the car, Wollf claims that remain of the “weak points in the slow corners”.

But in the interview with Auto, Motor und Sport, Wolff enters into more detail about the work done on the power unit in Brixworth. The guru of the power unit, concentrated mostly on the internal combustion engine, “because the other areas of the pu had limits.” And so, after having turned over that component “like a sock”, the Mercedes is able to find “not a few horses more”. A result evident in the track, even and especially giving a look at the cars the customers of the house of Stuttgart. And if the Racing Point the similarities are not limited to the engine, the still small Williams has made a leap in quality thanks to the motor.

A step forward that is even more evident if compared to theinvolution of the Ferrari, which is paying the private agreement reached with the FIA, in the month of February on the power unit of 2019. Designed to be able to use that engine, the SF1000 is a horse broken without the aid of the engine to support the philosophy of aerodynamics adopted by the technicians from Maranello. And so the two-year 2020-2021 is intended to continue up the hill for the Red, while the Mercedes, with its strong pack, very effective, takes the luxury of working up, devoting all his time even to the DAS, who in a few months will no longer be usable.