Illicit street racing on the highway CT-PA: the four investigated [Video]

For having organized and taken part in illicit street racing on the highway from Catania port to Palermo four people are being investigated following an investigation of the men of the Police and Road map of Catania, who have seized two BMW’s large-displacement used for the race that put a serious threat to other users of the highway.

The investigations have permitted to identify the places where they were gathering to plan the races: the event happened in the space in front of the municipal swimming pool of Catania Nesimaā€¯ and in front of a commercial centre of the city.

The competitions illegal took place, especially in the nights between Friday and Saturday, in which the suspected improvised with their vehicles evidence of alleged driving ability with dangerous manoeuvres such as abrupt tip-in, sudden braking and wheelies.

“On the night of the 11th of July, – tells a note of the Polstrada – a part of the participants went back to the initial stretch of the A19 motorway Catania-Palermo, parking their cars along the emergency lane and up to the junction of the ring road, where it was attached to the finish of the “race course”.

In front of several members of the audience, still with their cars on the emergency lane and access ramps to the highway, the two Bmw big bike walking in pairs on the motorway carriageway, the starting point of the race route, a parallel, in the lane, and the other in the fast lane, staying in that position for several seconds, waiting for the signal of the beginning of the competition. The driver of the Bmw, without taking the slightest account of the risks arising from the behavior that is irresponsible and a criminal, ended the competition in front of spectators, standing still at the finish line, at an estimated speed of over 260 kilometres per hour.

The race was entirely videotaped by the cameras specially made to install by the investigators, that they all stages of the competition illegal, they could, so to identify the number plates of cars used by both runners and the public”.