Incentives car: what to do to get the bonus

The count down is almost over: in just a few hours, starting from Saturday the 1st of August, becomes operational, the monetary incentive for the purchase of models with zero emissions and little pollutants, as established by the rules of the Decree to Relaunch.

The phase of support on the purchase, that will last until the 31st of December, is divided according to a scheme progressive, more rewarding for the coaches to impact zero and gradually climbing down in class energy efficiency and it becomes more interesting when the purchase of the new vehicle alongside the simultaneous destruction of a model with at least ten years of seniority.

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For electric cars, with CO2 emissions ranging between 0 and 20 g/km, with a list price of less than € 50,000 (excluding VAT), with the scrapping of the aid the total comes to 10,000 euros, because 4,000 euro of the incentive add up to the 6,000 euros of the ecological incentives provided for by the law of 2019; without destruction, instead, the incentive drops to 2,000 euros, to which sum the ecobonus of 4,500 euro, for a total of 6,500 euro.

For hybrid cars, with CO2 emissions ranging between 21 and 60 g/km, and a maximum price of € 50,000, with the scrapping you get a bonus of up to 6,500 euro, that becomes a maximum of 3,500 without scrapping.

For cars with CO2 emissions ranging between 61 and 110 g/km (homologated Euro 6) and on less than € 40,000 (excluding VAT), the standard provides a bonus of 3.500 euros – of which 1,500 euros of public contribution and 2,000 as a discount made by the dealer – with the destruction, that is reduced to 1,750 in the absence of such operation.

The complex of the measures designed by the Government aims to modernize the Italian vehicle fleet, often referred to as among the most ancient in Europe: a recent survey carried out by the portal Easy.en processing the data of the Civil Motorization, indicates in over 3 million vehicles with homologation Euro 0 still in business, while the total of those up to Euro 3 tap share at 13.4 million; in addition, approximately 35% of the total number of cars in Italy has more than 15 years of life, with higher peaks in the regions of the South, starting from Campania, Calabria and Sicily.