The Volkswagen group – the First six months profit for Porsche and Skoda, a red Audi, and Seat

The Volkswagen group has published the results of the first half and, like most other automakers, has paid the heavy consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus, with a strong decrease of deliveries, revenues and profits. Every single brand has, however, contributed in different ways to the income statement of the group, between those who have seen a worsening of the activities, such as the Audi or the Seat, and who, on the contrary, has managed to contain the negative effects of the crisis in health care: the case of the Porsche or Skoda.

The trend of Zuffenhausen. Referring only to the operational data, and ignoring any extraordinary or non-recurring items, the group has found, in the half year, a decrease of the deliveries of 27.4% to 3.9 million vehicles, and a reduction in revenues of 23.2% to 96.1 billion euros, as well as a result moved from a profit of 10 billion to a loss of 800 million. Among the various automotive brands, the best performance was recorded by the Porsche, which has seen the operating profit decline in a year from 2,1 to 1,1 billion euros, with sales amounting to 116 thousand units, down 14.8%, and revenues down by 12.2 to 11.2 billion.

In also useful the Skoda. Another important trademark has closed positive the semester. The Skoda, despite a sales decline of well-33.6% to 372 thousand units, and revenue decreased from 10.2 to 7.5 billion, is managed to record an operating profit of 228 million (eur 824 million in the first six months of 2019).

Bad VW, Audi and Seat. For all other brands the situation is quite different. The brand Volkswagen, which weighs in for more than a third of the volume group, has sold 1.1 million vehicles (1.9 million a year ago), turnover 28,6 billion (-35,3%), and having regard to the operating result in the switch from a profit of 2.3 billion to a loss of 1.5 billion. A similar trend for theAudi’s: from an operating profit of 2.3 billion is passed to a rosso 643 million, in the wake of a -22% for the deliveries and revenues declined by 28,76 20.5 billion. The decline in sales was the negative factor more heavy for the Seat, with a -46,9% to 197 thousand units, which pushed revenues to fall of 40.2 percent to 3.7 billion and the operating result was in the red by 271 million (profit of 216 million a year ago).

Bentley and the other divisions. The Bentley has, however, paid both the consequences of the pandemic as the measures of one-time restructuring. The revenues of the british House are, in fact, risen from 835 to 860 million, while the operating result is given in red for 99 million from a profit of 57 million. For the other divisions, the performance is very diverse in terms of profitability. Volkswagen Financial Services has, for example, provided a positive contribution to 1.2 billion and the operating profit of the group, a slight decrease compared to 1.3 billion a year ago. As for the other activities, loss of 334 million was the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and to 423 million Man, in in useful to 221 million, the Scania and 21 million in the division of Power Engineering.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.