Porsche GT3 vs Honda CBR: four wheel against a single (…and not even that) [VIRAL VIDEO]

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The straight road is often an invitation to test the acceleration qualities of his machine or of his own motion, especially when it is completely free. And, even more, when there is someone behind ready to shoot the shot in the right foot down and the right wrist is rotated. As in this movie comes from Mexico, in which a Porsche GT3 alongside in the straight line a sport bike (by the orange color of the tank you would say a Honda CBR). At the time of opening the throttle, the rider lifts the front wheel from the ground, but is unable to control the bike that you imbizzarrisce literally and throws him on the asphalt. The damage to the two wheels are many, the Porsche, however, seems to be able to go almost unscathed by discarding on the left. No one, however, is particularly evil