Market Italy: in July, reduces the loss

In the month of July, according to data released by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, have been registered at the Dmv 136.455 cars, with variation of -11,01% from July 2019, when instead they were 153.335; in June, remember, the decline was more than double, that is the -23,03%, with 132.635 cars delivered, compared to the 172.313 of June 2019.

From the beginning of the year, the total stood at 720.620 unit, corresponding to the -41,72% on the period January-July 2019, when it was registered 1.236.520.

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Also, in July 2020 have been registered 273.622 transfer of ownership of used cars, with variation of the -27,81% from July 2019, when it was registered 379.028.

The total from the beginning of the year gets to the 1.569.882 transfers of used cars, with a variation of -38,59% compared to January-July 2019, when it was registered 2.556.245.

In July 2020, the global volume of sales (410.077 cars) concerned to the 33,28% for new cars and for 66,72% vehicle used.

The leap of the electric

Turning to the analysis of the market for power, in July continued the decline of the power supplies of the traditional, as it continues to be positive for the electrified: diesel vehicles are reduced by 12% in the month and is worth 37% of the market, while from the beginning of the year months the registrations are to -51% compared to the same period of 2019, with a share of 35%, 7 points less; the gasoline cars fall of 23% in the month and 43% in the aggregate; apply 39% of the market in the month and 42% in the year.

The voltages can reach in the month the 24% share and increase volumes by 21%, while decreases of 9.5% in the first seven months; from the beginning of the year, the drive for alternative power supply are 22.5% of the total, 8 are points on the same period of 2019.

Continues the decline of passenger cars powered by gas: the LPG decrease of 37% in the month and 46% in the aggregate, amounting to 6% of the share, in July and in the first seven months of 2020; decrease the cars to cng, while less than the average of the market: by 8.5% in July, with a market share of 2.6%, and -17% from the beginning of the year, with a share of 2.4%.

It grows to a large segment of hybrid and electric cars: +117% in July and +36% from the beginning of 2020; in particular, hybrid, mild and full increase of 107% in the month, with a share of 13%, and 24.5% in the first seven months of 2020, and shall be considered l’11% share, more than double compared to the same period of 2019.

In July, the strong positive changes for both cars (+68% and 1.2% of the share) that, above all, for the plug-in hybrid (+446%, and 1.5% of the share): together, they represent 2.7%, both in July for the beginning of the year. The cumulative 2020, electric and hybrid rechargeable increase of 119% on the 2019.
The hybrid version of the Fiat Panda is the best-selling model in July, among all the hybrids, rechargeable and non; also the hybrid versions of the Fiat 500 (fourth place) and Lancia Ypsilon (seventh place).

A podium tricolore

National brands, in the aggregate, total in the month 31.629 registrations (9.8%) compared with a share of 23.2%; from the beginning of 2020, the new car registrations amounted to 172.420 unit (-43,5%), with a market share of 23.9%.

Six, July, the Italian models in the top ten of the sales, with the podium all of the tricolor: Fiat Panda (9.827 unit) is always first, followed by Lancia Ypsilon (3.637) and Fiat 500X (3.571); in the fourth place we find the Jeep Renegade (3.121), the ninth Fiat 500 (2.644) and at the tenth the Jeep Compass (2.629).

In reference to segments, to July continues the decline of registrations of the superutilitarie (-27%, with the higher models sold in the month, the Fiat Panda and 500, which are worth 65% of the segment) and compact cars (-19%, in the first place Lancia Ypsilon); the cars with the medium, instead, grow 5.5%, with average temperatures lower than +5% and average in excess of +7%.

A decrease in the SUV of all sizes, that yield 4% and represent 44% of the market of the month; the patterns of the Group FCA, that in July they hold the first position among SUVS, with a small Fiat 500X, among the compact and with the Jeep Compass, and between the medium with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

In detail, dropping the SUV, small and compact, while growing in the medium and large, up to July 2019-40%; negative change-even for the minivans that, in July, reduced by 11.5%. Finally, dropping the car more than (-6%), those luxury (-8%) and sports (-38%).

Signs of a recovery from the rental

Market analysis for July shows a return to positive sign for the rental, with 30.399 unit marks an increase of 8.8% on the same month in 2019, with a market share that rises to more than 4 points, to 22.2%, in the aggregate, the slump is still going strong, of the to 45.4%, with representativeness of a little under 25%.

The positive result for the month is due to an increase in triple-digit short-term (+112%) against a slight reduction in the long-term rental (down 2.7%), determined by the decrease of the main companies in the Top, in the face of an increase of the Captive, company a direct emanation of the Houses.

Individuals lose 8.5% of sales and doing better than the market recover, with 1.8% share, reaching 63.2% of the total; in the aggregate, the decline of 37.7%, to 60.5% of representativeness (+3.7 percentage points).

A further slump in sales in the month affects the company, with little more than 20,000 registrations, the forgiveness of the 36,7% from July 2019, mainly due to the sharp decrease of the autoimmatricolazioni, down to 14.6% share, in line with that of the aggregate.

All down to the geographical areas: the North East is back market leader with 32% of the registrations, thanks to the role that the bicycle plays in this area; the sales net of registrations of rent, in fact, would lose nearly 10 points, reaching 22.3%.

The comments of the Associations

“The car market Italian, recorded an improvement compared to the declines of may and June, says Paolo Scudieri, President of Anfia – in Addition to the fact that the volumes recorded in the summer months are traditionally low, the number of July, continues to weigh the climate of uncertainty on the timing and modalities of exit from the public health crisis that results in the tendency to savings and to the waiver of the purchases that are not necessary. With the recent conversion into law of Decree of Recovery, has been made a first step in the direction of the support to the sector automotive sector and the Government has anticipated that will introduce additional appropriations of about 500 million euro. The hope is that incentives are able to steer purchases towards the low-emission vehicles, in line with european goals, also directed to supporting the renewal of the light commercial vehicles, still excluded from government support. The industrial chain of the car is ready to cooperate with the Government in the preparation of an industrial plan for the sector to be defined in the coming months, also thanks to the availability of funds provided by the Recovery Fund, which will need to be used in the transition to the new technologies, the electrification and digitization”.

“In August, says Michele Crisci, President of the unrae managing – are parties to the incentives introduced by the Law Raise and the results of the first three days, with almost twelve million euros required, demonstrate that the market was an absolute necessity and that we are going in the right direction. The road taken by the Government is right in the short-term goals: now you need to refinance immediately the bottom with the current features, without introducing more specificity, or complications and it is time to sit down together and address the strategic plans focused on the revision of the taxation on company cars with new criteria for deductibility, and the deductibility of the VAT, and the powerful acceleration in the installation of widespread charging infrastructure, bringing us closer to our main european partners. In the specific car business, weighed down in Italy from a tax penalties compared to other major market, unrae managing calls for the deductibility of VAT to 100%, the increase of the share of the depreciable and of the maximum cost to be deductible, the faculty of the early amortisation from four to two years.”