The old Opel Kadett, which makes a mockery of the Audi RS6 and BMW M3

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More than 700 hp, according to the trainers, and a starting acceleration which could be the envy of a supercar. What are we talking about? The Opel Kadett protagonist of this video. Line totally out of fashion, colour from car fleet of a company health and, under the bonnet, power from dominating on the quarter mile. They know something about the Audi RS6 and the BMW addressed in the video, a shoe-string budget according to the feedback of the board, framed by a fixed camera. The usual story of the ugly duckling that, if the to play with the swans, even if their hair and makeup there is really so much, as the owners of the Kadett have stated that they were able to increase the power of the old German up to 730 horses.