Luis Hamilton on philosophy, vegans and commercials …Mercedes electric [VIDEO]

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“It took me a long to realize the incredible stage of which I prepared to be able to tell you the need for change, so I became a vegan and work to increase the awareness of all to a more responsible way of life” – the Word of Luis Hamilton, who, now, never misses an opportunity to reiterate on every stage of his life choices. This time, the opportunity has arrived and a spot for the electric range EQ of Mercedes. The English rider, then, it seems more and more willing to change the world, and not simply stand at the summit by winning repeat championships of Formula 1. “I want to look back – adds Hamilton in the spot – and to think that the races were just a part of my path. I want to help the industries to change, and be part of a movement for a more ecological world. Won’t surrender, I will go always forward”