How to make the Paper Pink licence (A and B) how to use it and how long it lasts

Every motorist that is patented in Italy, knows the well-known pink sheet. The pink sheet, for driving licence (B) or motorcycle (A) is the basic document to go from the beginners guide to novice drivers. With the pink sheet, being able to practice and beginning to form not only on Cds but on the guide, it starts to circulate in the street. Of course it is not “donated” or bought and automatically, and even allows you to ride freely, in fact, there are all the limits of article 122 of the Code of the Road.

How long is the pink sheet? First of all you need to know that this permission to practice is granted to those who shall obtain the license (A or B) and also pass the theory test. The pink sheet is not driving license is true, even if defined with the same color, is the only one allowed to practice with the restrictions and rules to follow. The beginner opens the practice to get the license, with the pink sheet has six months to pass the exam. First theory, then the practice test, the real test of driving. You can repeat, if rejected, a maximum of two times.

The request of the pink sheet typically is made with the driving school, but it is also possible to save money and do this yourself, at the Civil Engine. The release of the pink sheet is done with the registration and enrollment, the age of 18 years of age. Then at 17 years old you can start to conceptualise, inquire and maybe even prepare to get then in the minimum time and the licence but not to drive it in the street. The pink sheet to 17 years was a goal for many young people in the last century, who wanted to drive you car. Today, with age, of course free, but by age, passed the theory exam, the Dmv issues this authorization to drill in the guide.

If the driving test, after doing the pink sheet, it does not switch for two times, or if they pass the 6 months validity of the pink sheet, not the world crumbles. Only passes the time, but it is possible to request the issuance of a second pink sheet. A time, there was in the last, the least, the pink sheet, to drive now with license real, freely, but instead it is correct to think of the pink sheet as a tool to learn with due time, and variables for each. In fact, there is no maximum number of renewals of the pink sheet, even if having to renew, expiration or loss of validity, involves charges.

In the event the beginner should redo the pink sheet, the rules do not force you to redo the theory exam already passed. Driving to practice with the pink sheet, means never being alone. The foglio rosa allows the beginner who wants a license, to practice alongside an instructor, or another person of age not exceeding 65 years of age possession of a valid licence (held for at least ten years).

The passengers in the car while driving with the pink sheet are not the most normal thing, and due, to the contrary. During the tests, and driving with the instructor, for practice, often there are more practitioners with a pink sheet which alternate, but it is not always the same with private car. You need to check with your insurance because in each case a passenger is someone who, at the side of the practitioner with a pink sheet, it helps in the guide (instructor or driver expert), but the passengers sitting in the rear, while not expressly forbidden, may in some cases not be protected.

The P of the pink sheet is known, visible often on the rear window. The pink sheet, in fact, require you to also drive on private cars doing practice but reporting. Are the marks bearing the letter P, which stands for ‘beginner’. The letter P must be affixed either in front or behind the vehicle.