The new Subaru (cars and SUVS) in the price list from here to 2023: Levorg, WRX Sti, BRZ, and the first electrical systems Toyota

Subaru anticipates news and models ready to debut, also on the price list, Italy, in the next few years. In short, by the end of 2020, the wagon Subaru Levorg, that changes generation by binding technically the Impreza. Under the hood is a beautiful engine, Euro6, with 4-cylinder in-line, but the boxer, is a 1.8 turbo.

Follow in the course of the next year, the restyling of the crossover Forester , and the wait, from the few purists of the rear-wheel drive, second generation of sports coupe the BRZ (Toyota GT86). For the new car from geeks without exaggeration, the engine will be a turbo gasoline Euro6, which is clipped on the 250 HP. Always a year from now, another novelty in the range car, the Subaru, which from Japan arrives on the list price of 2021 Italy: the new generation WRX. Here we are talking about the icon for the brand. The sports sedan derived also from the Impreza, but quite spirited. The preview of the style and impression for the new course in the Subaru WRX may come from the prototype already performed: Viziv Performance Sti.

Electrification Subaru (with Toyota)

Then you get to 2022, and in the price list Subaru you will find that for the first time, the restyling of the wagon the Subaru Legacy and SUV’s Ascent, but, above all, two pieces that are appealing, even from us: maximum sports, Subaru WRX STi, singled out 400 HP and the first electric car in the Subaru. You talk about the Crossover with new platform and systems are shared with Toyota.

In the medium term, however, the Subaru will bring in the way, even in Italy, the new-generation Impreza and the third generation of the XV, but we are in 2023 and from there, begins the round.