Also the car suffers from the heat

PARKING IS NOT ALWAYS REST – The summer is in full swing and many people are in places of resort, reached after a journey of more or less long. Hoping that the advice of alVolante on the departures intelligent have been useful to see how to… rest the car after the fatigues of the journey. If the location of the holiday, as is probable, it is very sunny we need to take some precaution before you park the car, leaving it perhaps to a standstill for several days. The main criterion is to find a parking space in the shadow, taking into account that the shadow itself is moving with the sun. The ideal would be a garage or a shed, where the regular form limits the areas exposed to the sun during the day. If the shadow is short, we try to reserve it to the front area of the vehicle: the windshield does get many of the sun’s rays, that arroventano throughout the interior and affect directly the dashboard-risking damage to it.

THE PROTECTION THAT COUNTS – THE sun’s rays are aggressive on all surfaces of the car: the paint, plastics (including those that carenano the headlights) and the interior. If the shadow is short it is therefore mandatory to use at least the well-known sun visor reflective. We spend a few more seconds and make it adhere to the windshield using the suction cups and/or the sun visors. If we support him simply on the dashboard and the steering wheel protecting them from direct solar radiation, but we do not prevent the heat to heat up the passenger compartment. Let us not forget the existence of specific products for the protection of the dashboard and the leather upholstery: their use is recommended. The more careful and will use a telo protective to cover the entire car to protect it so even to the dust, droppings of birds and tree resin. In fact, a tree large may give a lovely freshness, but can also accommodate birds show little respect for and release, especially if it was a pine tree, as small as sticky droplets of resin. To eliminate them we never have to grattarle: it is more than probable that in this way the damage to the paint

RESIN AND RUBBER – To-avoid-on the paint, alcohol, and acetone, while it may seem odd, but the gas (just enough to moisten a cloth) should not have side effects. The vegetable oil is definitely a little aggressive even if it imposes then a dry, very carefully remove the grease from the paint. Indicated are also the polishing of silicone and the products designed to remove tar or bugs, that should be applied on the areas “affected” and left to act for a few minutes. Also a good car wash it will serve you and wash the car with a certain frequency has a beneficial effect for the preservation of the body, especially if there may be salt. Remember though, not to wash the car when the bodywork is hot: the heat, especially if you wash by hand, is likely to evaporate too quickly, soapy water, leaving streaks and spots.

CLEANING IS AN ALLY – THE direct sunlight, they are aggressive also towards the tire. Remember that the polishes, as well, and make the shell aesthetically the best, protect them from hardening and cracking of the elements and of the solar rays. If the car remains idle for a long period it is almost certain that the windscreen, and the crystals in general, will cover the dust and dirt. In every case, before operating the wiper, it is good to wash the windshield and rear window to avoid scratches due to dust. A complete washing before you start is the best thing.