Alveto Expedition – around The world aboard a Toyota Land Cruiser

Travel the whole world, to cross dozens of countries on board of a jeep and get to know landscapes and cultures of every part of the globe. Is a bit the dream of all, but very few – or very few – have had the courage to make it happen. Among these are: the neapolitan Aldo Giaquinto and his wife Vera, a Moldavian, which by 2016 are parties to board a Toyota Land Cruiser 2005 bought second-hand in Great Britain, with which they have done so far already 170 thousand km. An adventure baptized Alveto Expedition (Alveto is the contraction of Aldo, a Real “Toto”, as affectionately call their 4X4), a name that also identifies the social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook, as well as a YouTube channel) with which to tell the various stages of this great undertaking.

The lands crossed. The trans-Siberian railway in Russia, the Gibb River Road , the desert, the Tanami, and Fraser Island in Australia are just some of the fantastic routes of their journey, in the course of which they faced temperatures from -27° C in Canada to +50° C in Australia. Deserts, sand, mud, rain, and rivers could stop them in this adventure, which has tocccato even altitude of 4.900 meters in the Andes. “We have reached the southern most tip of the world in Ushuaia, where the road ends,” said Aldo, and then make a u-turn at the ‘U’ and reach the state of Alaska and the northern tip of the North of Canada to Tuktoyaktuk, at the end of the Dempster Highway and wet so your feet in the Arctic ocean. We were in the deserts of Utah, Arizona and Nevada, we drove on Route 66 and crossed the North America from West to East, until the tip of the most southern of the Usa to Key West, Florida”.

Blocked by the pandemic. In Florida, where they attracted the attention of some american media, has stopped their journey for three months, because of the emergency coronavirus, and the two have not yet had the opportunity to go to South Africa. “As soon as the situation is unlocked, we managed to ship our car and return in Europe”, Aldo continues, that is now located with his wife Vera in Italy, the 51st country touched by the tour. “We want to continue our route, doing what we can to help small businesses, the economy today is in crisis, and inspire others to explore our beautiful Country, promoting local tourism with photos and videos posted on our social media accounts”.

Self-financed. After Italy, the two will route to the Balkans, and then continue to Greece and head to Africa, along a route reverse to the one programmed before the pandemic is an impediment to their embarking for Africa. All with the self-financing, or nearly: “the supply of tyres of Cooper Tire and a little more, our company has so far failed to go ahead due to the income of my small business catering in Great Britain, that I entrusted a person. Short-term, however, we should deal with an important coupon for our Land Cruiser”. The last stage of this journey, the wait between 2021 and 2022 will be in Iceland, leading to more than 80 countries achieved. At the end of the adventure, the two would like to go to a new life: “this journey made us discover the importance of the environment and its protection, to which we dedicate ourselves, maybe with our organization.”

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.