Incentives drive: other 500 million in the “Decree of August”. Changing the rules

The Government, Count II has refinanced with the so-called “Decree of August” plan of incentives for the purchase of new cars. This is additional 500 million euro (410 for the car, and 90 for the charging stations) to support the supply chain, with some variation compared to the previous Decree “Revival”.

The bands divided by CO2 emissions reviewed / rewarded become four compared to the previous three. Is in fact divided into two-the previous that ranged from 61 to 100 g/km.

They remain without price limits of € 50,000 excluding Vat for electric and plug-in hybrid belonging to the first and second end and of € 40,000 (always excluding Vat) for the models included in the third and in the fourth.

For the first two bands – now from 0 to 20 g/km of CO2 and from 21 to 60 g/km of CO2 – it does not change anything about the amount of the ecobonus: dismantling a car with ten or more years from the first registration, you can receive up to 10,000 euros, scrapping, or 6,000 euro without scrapping for an electric in the case of the first band. 6,500 euro or 3,500 euros is the maximum amount for the second range in the case of a plug-in hybrid.

The third band includes cars that emit CO2 from 61 to 90 g/km. The bonus is equal to 3.750 euro with a trade-in and 2,000 euros without scrapping. So 250 euros the contribution.

For the fourth band from 91 to 110 g/km , the incentive is € 3.500 euro with a trade-in and 1.750 euro without scrapping. Note that, in this range fall within different Euro 6 petrol or Diesel non-hybrid, that also benefit from the incentive.