Mercedes-AMG One – The testing of the hypercar coming into a new phase – VIDEO

The Mercedes-AMG One is entering a new phase of development. The super sports car to Affalterbach will come on the market in 2021, four years after the presentation of the prototype Project One: the version of the series, as anticipated, it will be called simply the AMG One. For the first time the engineers have brought to the track in the most extreme of the cars of the Star, without limitation to the hybrid powertrain from the 1,000-HP engines, the relationship of which with the engines used on the cars of Formula 1, it is obvious already from the sound.

Active aerodynamics. In order to test the new powertrain, the men of the Mercedes-AMG brought some of the prototypes of the One on the circuit of Immendingen, in the south of Germany. The new tests, however, will not focus only on the powertrain, but also on the driving dynamics and active aerodynamics. The super sports car will indeed debut the new technological solutions that will help you get a high aerodynamic efficiency. From the pictures you can see the vents on the front wings that can open and close independently to adjust the temperature of the brake system. Also the rear wing profile will be active, as well as other parts of the car designed to ensure that this hypercar performance.

Soon at the Nürburgring. Since this is a street model, the AMG One will have different driving modes, one of which will be purely electric. The Mercedes is indeed working on completing the development of the hybrid powertrain plug-in, both on the track, both on test stands of Affalterbach. The next step will be to bring the prototypes to one of the most challenging race tracks around the world, the Nürburgring, where the sport might go on a hunt for his first record.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.