Segways – there is a Growing demand, but the use is often improper

Driven by the bonus mobility and the proliferation of rental services, the segways , you are carving out a significant space in the field of urban mobility. Still remain a niche medium, but fast-spreading. And, being a novelty, they are often not used with full awareness of the rules, as emerges from a survey conducted by the mUp Research in collaboration with Norstat on behalf of the portal insurance Easy.en.

On the sidewalk no. More than half of the respondents (52,7%) say that, in fact, in the absence of cycle paths, the use of the segways on the sidewalk or in the pedestrian areas. It is worthwhile, therefore, to remember what is required by the Code of the road about it: that is, the absolute prohibition of movement on the sidewalks, while in pedestrian areas these vehicles can travel (unless expressly prohibited) to a maximum of 6 km/h of speed. On urban roads, the scooters are allowed to go even into the carriageway with other vehicles, with limit of 25 km per hour: often the drivers of men (46,9%), research tells us, far less women (18,9%).

Who buys them? Only 2.7% of the sample consulted said that you already have an electric scooter. And in spite of we tend to associate the middle of a public extremely young, the band, consisting of the owners (5,5%) came at the moment between 35 and 44 years, and the person is mainly resident in Central Italy and in the North East (up 4.2%). However, in the diffusion of these vehicles is having an increasing influence in the hire or shared, which instead sees the protagonist an audience between 25 and 34 years old. In the same way, going to investigate the purchase intention, one discovers that the desire to micromobilità is stronger among young people: 14.7% of them are between 18 and 24 years, compared to a national average of 6.7%.

The insurance is not compulsory, but there is. According to the survey, the segways are primarily used in the free time, but there is a growing number of ‘commuters’, people who exploit them for the home and the office. In any case, it remains open the issue of misuse, unfortunately still widespread and is often the cause of accidents. At the time, the segways do not oblige the owners and users (except in the case of hired vehicles) to have a insurance in order to travel. However, the companies have already moved providing specific products with covers that protect the insured in case of damages caused to third parties, in the case of accident incurred during the use of the medium.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.