WRC 2020. Calendar: Ypres yes, Japan no!

Is the new, hopefully last, earthquake to the calendar issued in the form of officially “almost” final, the first of July, after six months of work and adjustments. It was to be expected. Only a few days ago we were wondering why the Ypres remained “bests”, since the tests in the list were already 8. There “insospettiva” the fact that the belgians had continued to work on the double format, the European and the World, without stopping or second thoughts.

Renties Ypres Rally Belgium. For the first time in history, the Rally of Ypres enters in the calendar of the WRC, the 34th the Nation. Will be the closing Test of the season, between the 19 and the 22 of November. As the closing test?! Yes, in fact the planned Rally of Japan, which was in the list after ten years and occupied the same dates, is out. Deleted, “two to CoViD 19”.

We wondered of the closing Test of the asian, and indeed dubitavamo explicitly, that Japan could remain in the calendar. Today we have all the answers, that we dare not consider definitive but that become substantially reliable. Ypres, yes, Japan no. It was clear, “elementary”. There were the”fingerprint” is formally foreign, Monte-Carlo and the ¾ of Mexico in mid-march and the beginning of the pandemic, today, we may store a calendar of the World completely… the european.

Unlucky year to dream returns to Kenya, New Zealand , and Japan (will be, hopefully, for seasons next) and lucky year if you will be able to finally bring in the quay of a World which in fact is stationary in mid-march, and that waits with trepidation for the resumption of the Rally Estonia in early September.

Hats off to the FIA, the Promoter and Organisers , who have not defeated a single minute and have been working, head down, to the realization of what, at a certain point, it seemed like a World-huh!

After “Monte, Sweden and Mexico, therefore, expect Estnia, Turkey, Germany, ITALY and Belgium.

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