5 Tips for Selecting a Suitable Back-to-school Backpack

Choosing a child’s school backpack is difficult among all the back to school shopping items. It is because the backpack is useful in carrying other school items to and from school. School backpacks should withstand everyday use tasks such as rough treatment by children, locker storage, and travels to and from school. Because of active daily use, parents need to know the characteristics of a backpack to look for. Here are some tips from professional homework writing help.

 Backpacks quality matters

A wide range of school backpacks is available every time there is back-to-school shopping. During back-to-school season, the quality and price of school backpacks vary considerably. Back-to-school season is an opportune time to purchase backpacks. However, buyers should shop smartly. Many get tempted to buy cheap and trendy backpacks, hoping to replace them in case of problems. However, after the back-to-school season is over the chance of getting an excellent backpack to diminish. Cheap and low-quality backpacks last for few months or even weeks. It lasts longs enough for back-to-school merchandise on the shelves to get replaced with holiday season items. To shop for quality backpacks, consumer watchdogs suggest that we look at the inside and out and be keen on the following.

  • Avoid carelessly stitched, uneven, and loose backpacks
  • Be on the lookout for frayed or raw fabric edges
  • Avoid backpacks with exposed zippers.

A properly fitting backpack

Backpacks that get misused or do not fit properly tend to be a shoulder and back pain source or strain. When purchasing a backpack, it takes into consideration proper fitting and comfort than the price. Most of the time, good backpacks might not be expensive or stylish. To source backpacks with excellent fitting, consider the following guidelines.

  • Select appropriate size: Backpack width needs to be proportional to the users’ width, while the height needs to extend about two inches just below the shoulder blade to the waist level.
  • Settle on a backpack with wide straps and padding for shoulders to provide more comfort and protection to shoulders from excess pressure.
  • Backpacks with dividers, slots, and pockets are good in distributing weight.
  • Always keep the weight of a packed backpack to approximately 15% of the child’s weight.
  • Before you purchase the backpack, test it with few items you frequently carry.
  • The waist or chest straps must fit properly to the child.

Take into consideration a child’s style.

Each school day, your child will wear a backpack from and to school. Whereas good quality and proper fitting are significant factors to consider, a child’s style is another factor worth considering. Choose for your child a backpack he or she will like to use throughout the year. If the child prefers a backpack with poor fit and of low quality because it has a movie character or cartoon printed on it, compromise by using the following strategy:

  • Go for a backpack with trendy patterns and bright colors with good quality
  • With pattern or color, the child likes to incorporate accessories to personalize the backpack to a style of his/her choice style.

Guidelines for easy shopping with your child

Shop sales

Make sure you shop for back to school sales that run from mid-July to mid-August. To purchase a budget shop at thrift stores or discount stores, you can also consider using the previous year’s backpack, only if it is in good shape.

Make a joint decision.

Children are loyal to specific stores; therefore, make an effort to visit such stores to purchase your child’s backpack. Avoid buying a backpack without your child’s approval.