Choosing the right auto-carriers

When you are trying to choose which car haulers to work with it can be hard when you find there are many options today. Everyone has different needs and a different focus so one company can be suitable to one person does not mean they suitable for you. Not everyone will need to use an auto shipping business. But maybe you are moving home and you want someone to move your spare car, or maybe you have a long work contract in another state and need your car there. Whatever the reason, if you do, here are some things to know about vehicle transportation and options to consider.

How far do you need to move your vehicles?

You should treat the search for auto-carriers the same way you would search for any other service. You can look online, talk to people about their experiences, and spend some time gathering information to help you make an informed decision. When it comes to shipping or moving cars most companies do it be the distance you need them transported. So you need to know how far you want to move your car or vehicles. Not all transportation companies for autos move international or state to state. Some only move within the state you are in. So know where you are going so you can better narrow down the companies you consider.

Covered or non-covered?

Another thing to think about is whether you want covered or non-covered transportation. Obviously, the one where your vehicle is most protected is covered transport. They are protected from debris on the roads and in the air, and from the different weathers and dust and so on. When you are using car haulers to move expensive or classic vehicles choosing covered is a very good decision. Damage to them is going to be very expensive to repair so it is worth investing in covered moving.

Ask for a free estimate

Many of these auto-carriers will offer free estimates for moving your car so when you have it narrowed down to a few options get some quotes! You can better compare what they have to offer for the price they are charging. Some will have websites that are a good source of information for the services they offer and where you can get a free quote right there. Then you can explore your options and make the right choice.


More and more people are realizing they can use car haulers to move their vehicles from one location to another. It saves the hassle of trying to drive them there and then making your way back, you can have your car waiting for you when you move homes or have a long work placement for example. If you need your car moved quickly for some kind of emergency you could even look for a company that offers a faster than standard shipping service. Pay a little more, but know that when you need a speedy delivery but safe delivery, you can find it.