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Tesla, the construction of the new Gigafactory in Germany at the start at the...

According to the Minister of Economy of Brandenburg, the construction of the Gigafactory in Germany will begin in the first quarter of 2020

Pick-up Tesla, recorded the names Cybertruck and CYBRTRK

Tesla has registered the names Cybertruck and CYBRTRK: should be used for the pick-up of the house of Palo Alto

C-V2X, connected Cars 5G in Italy: it grows exponentially with the safety [Gallery &...

We tried to Turin, the safety systems on the connected cars in 5G: Fiat, Jeep and Maserati. It is not the drink of a new and great world, ready to change for the better safety on the roads. Auto manufacturers and System integrators and arm-in-arm to “telephone agents” such as Ericsson and Vodafone

Security: new frontiers with the cyber-tyre Pirelli

We have seen the live action of the ADAS with augmented reality and the cyber-Pirelli tyres that say the cars in the arrival of a possible aquaplaning

The strategy of Hyundai to the electric

Time of great changes in the field of car, with the spread of the models, the battery in the first place. Here are the plans of Hyundai.



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Renault Zoe: fabric 100% recycled interior

Renault launches the new Zoe fabrics 100% recycled and patented: they are made with seat belts and polyester fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles

Venice flooded, but not only: in 2100 may disappear from an...

From the North to the South, all areas at risk of flooding to the effect of sea-level rise, a threat that within a few decades may cause the disappearance of a good part of the Italian coast

Audi, which made its debut in Los Angeles for RS Q8...

Two premieres for Audi at the motor show in Los Angeles, 2019: will the RS Q8 e-tron Sportback

NFS Heat and Electronic Arts: tell us a story

Released recently on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Need for Speed the Heat has not received the warm embrace of the community that awaited him. Here are, according to us, that what is missing in this title to leave your mark

Eavor Loop: electricity without limits with the heat of the earth

From Canada, a new mode we conceive of the geothermal technology that promises miracles. And, given the simplicity that characterizes it, the hopes of its success may be considered to be very good

The netherlands, the limit is 100 km/h on the highway to...

Holland from the January of 2020 will impose a speed limit of 100 km/h on the highway from 06.00 to 19.00

Ferrari, Roma: ve we present it in the video

Ferrari has unveiled the new sports coupe powered by a V8, 620 HP, and characterized by a very particular design. Here she is in video in the course of the official presentation

Ferrari Rome: we have live view

After the photos early yesterday from the house of Cavallino, now is the time to closely observe the new creation of Maranello.

Citytech: the future of mobility, 20 and 21/11 in Milan

The event dedicated to technology for mobility will be held at the Milan Luiss Hub, 20 and 21 November. The main topics will be the Society 5.0, and the Urban Air Mobility

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Mercedes-AMG Certified: used guaranteed also for the most extreme

The warranty of the used of the star also extends to the range AMG: review of the mileage, dell-certified maintenance and many other services almost equivalent to the purchase of the new

Fusion FCA-PSA, the white smoke from the French government

The French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, believes that the merger will equal between FCA and PSA is "an opportunity"

Electric mobility widespread, Depart from Milan dilemmas: Peugeot 208 dozer

Among the stars on the EV market in 2020, waiting for the goodness of his technique but also for the great benefits of the incentives (in Lombardy the lead under 20K) and Peugeot-208 will anticipate many of the themes relating to the advantages and limitations of the electric car

Ferrari in Rome: tribute to the Sweet Life

Ferrari presents the Roma, an all-new coupe with style by the granturismo and V8 engine turbo 620 HP.

Ferrari, ROME | this Is the name of the Portofino Coupe

More than 600 hp of maximum power, the v8 engine, a line to breathtaking, these are the characteristics of the new Ferrari Rome, which will be presented in the Capital as a support to the V8 Convertible Coupe in the Ferrari range. Here's how it will be

Brumbrum.en: born the second plant

The site of online sales of used cars, km 0 and long-term rental, the company opened new headquarters in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Alfa Romeo 8C: the auction, a unique specimen

Will be auctioned in the occasion of the Milan AutoClassica, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione in the only example painted in the colour of Maserati Blue of the Night.

What are the most dangerous roads of Italy?

The study of the ACI refers to 2018, analysing the statistics and highlighting the roads where you encounter more accidents.

Ferrari Dino GT4 Safari Coupe: Ferrari designed for the rally auction

Transformed last year, and overhauled from top to bottom, is ready to take part in the races on dirt

Fast is waiting for you at Milano AutoClassica 2019

The preparation of the Fast will be present with a booth at the event dedicated to the cars that make the heart beat.