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Aspark Owl: supercar power 1.985 HP and 2.9 million euros

At the Dubai Motor Show was presented the official version of the Aspark Owl, supercar electric 1.985 CV can shoot from 0-100 km/h in less than 2 seconds

Tesla, the construction of the new Gigafactory in Germany at the start at the...

According to the Minister of Economy of Brandenburg, the construction of the Gigafactory in Germany will begin in the first quarter of 2020

Pick-up Tesla, recorded the names Cybertruck and CYBRTRK

Tesla has registered the names Cybertruck and CYBRTRK: should be used for the pick-up of the house of Palo Alto

C-V2X, connected Cars 5G in Italy: it grows exponentially with the safety [Gallery &...

We tried to Turin, the safety systems on the connected cars in 5G: Fiat, Jeep and Maserati. It is not the drink of a new and great world, ready to change for the better safety on the roads. Auto manufacturers and System integrators and arm-in-arm to “telephone agents” such as Ericsson and Vodafone

Security: new frontiers with the cyber-tyre Pirelli

We have seen the live action of the ADAS with augmented reality and the cyber-Pirelli tyres that say the cars in the arrival of a possible aquaplaning



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Other that seat: in Canada it is the radar antiabbandono

The University of Waterloo has developed an integrated system in the vehicle that allows you to detect the presence of living beings on board through the breath. The market launch is expected by the end of 2020

Renault Zoe: fabric 100% recycled interior

Renault launches the new Zoe fabrics 100% recycled and patented: they are made with seat belts and polyester fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles

Venice flooded, but not only: in 2100 may disappear from an...

From the North to the South, all areas at risk of flooding to the effect of sea-level rise, a threat that within a few decades may cause the disappearance of a good part of the Italian coast

Audi, which made its debut in Los Angeles for RS Q8...

Two premieres for Audi at the motor show in Los Angeles, 2019: will the RS Q8 e-tron Sportback

NFS Heat and Electronic Arts: tell us a story

Released recently on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Need for Speed the Heat has not received the warm embrace of the community that awaited him. Here are, according to us, that what is missing in this title to leave your mark

Eavor Loop: electricity without limits with the heat of the earth

From Canada, a new mode we conceive of the geothermal technology that promises miracles. And, given the simplicity that characterizes it, the hopes of its success may be considered to be very good

The netherlands, the limit is 100 km/h on the highway to...

Holland from the January of 2020 will impose a speed limit of 100 km/h on the highway from 06.00 to 19.00

Ferrari, Roma: ve we present it in the video

Ferrari has unveiled the new sports coupe powered by a V8, 620 HP, and characterized by a very particular design. Here she is in video in the course of the official presentation

Ferrari Rome: we have live view

After the photos early yesterday from the house of Cavallino, now is the time to closely observe the new creation of Maranello.

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Fast is waiting for you at Milano AutoClassica 2019

The preparation of the Fast will be present with a booth at the event dedicated to the cars that make the heart beat.

WEC, Peugeot confirms return to Endurance in 2022

Peugeot has announced its participation at the WEC in 2022

Nissan X-Trail, the kit will arrive Salomon dedicated

Available as a kit Salomon for the Nissan X-Trail, in combination to the preparations N-Connect and Tekna

iRacing: here are the deals of Black Friday

Also this year, iRacing, simulator, driving american offers various offers to those who approach for the first time in the world of simracing, or want to renew your subscription

Veneto region: regional incentives systems for natural gas or LPG. There is time until 25 November

The Region provides a bonus for the transformations from 600 to 1,000 euros

Mario Kart Tour: the President of Nintendo is confident about the business results

Close Furakawa is confident on the long-term success of the Mario Kart Tour, published at the end of September on iOS and Android.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, excellent vote from Famitsu

See the latest votes from the prestigious japanese magazine Famitsu, who awarded, in particular, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Sonic the Movie : as expected, the man to whom we owe the redesign of Sonic is the one behind Sonic Mania Adventures

The word ran for months, it was now confirmed : the man who led the redesign of Sonic in the movie in live-action is well-known to fans as coming directly from the Sonic Mania Adventures...

Sonic the Movie : Yuji Naka, the creator of the game, gives his opinion on the new design of the hero

Yuji Naka, creator of Sonic, has spoken out on Twitter to give his opinion on the new design of the character in the film.

Serena williams reveals romance with Gianni Morandi: “we Had to get married”

The host of the 'Afternoon 5', the actress has traced the relationship had in the past with the singer